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High Quality Audio & Visual

We partnered with the best brands to ensure a high quality experience. Our C.A.T has a 100" screen, 5.1 - 1500waT surround-sound system, and laser 4k TV/Projector.

All-in-One Unit

Our C.A.T. and G.O.A.T. systems include the retractable screen, laser projector, and built-in audio system. Watch your favorite shows, all controlled by one remote. It's as simple as plugging it in and boom! Your instant theater is ready to use.


Don't let your TV  take over your room design. Our C.A.T. screen retracts in seconds, so you only see it when you want to.

Locally Handcrafted

We are proud to be Colorado local! Our units are designed, handcrafted, and assembled in the Denver-metro area.

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One Remote.
One Console.

A home theater doesn't have to be complicated.

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