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Meet the C.A.T. (Concealed, All-in-one Theater). The first of its kind, our C.A.T. Smart Cinema Console provides the cinematic experience you've dreamed about with a look you'll never forget.


  • Ultra-discreet screen that retracts when not in use.
  • High-quality audio/visual processor that directs the show.
  • One remote to control it all.

Model: ASPEN

Price Range: $18,000 - $48,000 (dependent on customizations)


    • 100" disappearing screen with ambient light rejecting technology

    • Professional-grade speakers for concert-quality sound

    • 15" powered subwoofer

    • Amplifier/Controller - 1800watts of power

    • Blue-Ray DVD player

    • Media players for music and video

    • Touchscreen remote control

    • Built-in wireless network to communicate between EQ

    • Professional equipment rack mounting system and power surge protection

    • Handcrafted main cabinet made locally in Colorado

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